5 Reasons to Buy a Dedicated Motorcycle Backpack

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There are several reasons why a motorcycle rider needs a backpack. It can be used to store supplies that one needs while on the road. Just like any other similar products on the market, the motorcycle backpack has several compartments for personal items. But one thing that makes a specialized backpack better than a typical bag is that it has a strap for the helmet. It is also lightweight and made of the highest quality leather, as well as durable nylon. Below are five reasons why you should get a dedicated motorcycle backpack.

Ogio Nodrag Mach 5


Easy to Use

A dedicated motorcycle backpack has been designed so that you can easily put it on your back without any help, even with a jacket on. There are various backpacks on the market that have been designed to fit different body types. It is important to choose one that fits your body to make your ride more comfortable. Normal backpacks have not been designed for motorcycle rides, and they can easily bring discomfort to the rider.


Distributes Weight Uniformly

Another reason why you should get a dedicated motorcycle backpack is that a regular pack doesn’t have any provisions for weight distribution. Instead of the weight being concentrated in the neck and shoulders, it is distributed to the wearer’s hips but still maintain its shape. Motorcycle riders can choose between an internal or an external frame. Both types of frame have their pros and cons. For instance, an internal frame bag can better hug the back of the user. An external frame bag is often preferred by riders who carry heavier loads. Most motorcycle backpacks also have compression straps that keep the load from shifting during the ride.



It is important to consider a motorcycle backpack that is aerodynamic in design. Even if you are cruising at top speed on the highway, the backpack will not provide any drag that will make your experience less enjoyable. Some of the good examples of aerodynamic backpacks are the No Drag Mach series from Ogio. The bags provide great air flow, which will ensure that you will not experience any drag while on the road.


Keep Your Stuff Safe

With the use of a motorcycle backpack, you will be able to carry all the essential items for the trip. You don’t need to worry about the safety of your personal stuff because the backpack is waterproof and durable. Sun and rain will not be able to destroy the stuff inside the backpack. Just make sure that the bag has been designed to withstand the forces of nature.


More Practical

A backpack doesn’t protrude on the sides, unlike saddlebags. Backpacks are ideal especially if you have a small bike. It allows you to weave through traffic with ease. It is also a more practical option since it can serve you in a variety of circumstances, not only limited to the time spent riding the motorcycle. Whether you need a place to store your office belongings or college textbooks, there is no better choice than a backpack. This is the convenience motorcycle saddle bags can’t provide as you can’t easily take them away with you when you leave your bike.

If you are already convinced that getting a motorcycle backpack is a good investment, check out our comparative review of some of the best motorcycle backpacks that are on the market today. We will do our best to help you get the pack which will fully match your expectations.