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Best Motorcycle Backpack (Updated 2019)


If you looking for the best motorcycle backpack, you have arrived at the right place. We have come up with this choice because of the obvious reason that aside from looking seriously cool out on the outside, this backpack is also well thought out and many users have agreed that this is the best backpack that you can use on a motorcycle, particularly if you are driving a sportsbike. Sleek and aerodynamic, you can be sure that it will never pull you when riding even if you are in a crouching position. Its molded outer design offers an unparalleled air flow that reduces the drag when riding so there is no need for you to worry about any discomfort. With this motorcycle backpack, you can be sure that you will be getting the best out of your money.

You can check how does this backpack performs against some of its competitors in the chart below. In this chart and the following comparative review we present five motorcycle backpacks which according to our research and expertise are currently the most attractive and popular models available on the market.


Alpinestars Roving Backpack Ogio No Drag Mach 3 OUR PICK: Ogio No Drag Mach 5 Icon 3517-0282 Black Squad 3 Fly Racing Adult Illuminator Freak
Brand Alpinestars OGIO OGIO ICON Fly Racing
Weight 1.6 lbs 2.7 lbs 4.1 lbs 2.5 lbs 3 lbs
Dimensions 19.5 x 14.5 x 4.8″ 6.5 x 19 x 12.5″ 7 x 20.5 x 14.5″ 19.5 x 12.2 x 5.4″ 19 x 3.5 x 3
Price . . . . .
Editor’s Rating 4.5/5 4.7/5 4.9/5 4.4/5 4.0/5
Our Review Our Review Our Review Our Review Our Review

1. The Winner – Ogio No Drag Mach 5

There are several features which make Ogio No Drag Mach 5 backpack stand out among its competitors. It boasts of weather resistant molded exterior shell that is adorned with a unique precast graphic design. With this motorcycle backpack, you can also be sure that your devices, from your laptops, to tablets, smartphones and other personal electronics will be extremely protected, thanks to the specialized compartments in the backpack where you can safely and comfortable tuck away your valued possessions. It also comes with a deluxe and ergonomic padded back panel to give you maximum comfort and also has an equally ergonomic and conveniently adjustable padded shoulder straps with the quick exit buckles and the no slip sternum. Its shoulder gasket is also body conforming that increases fit and comfort. Hydration ready, this motorcycle backpack has an easy to carry weight of just 1.67 kilograms and has an expansion zippered gusset that increases the capacity of the main compartment. The main reason why it has been chosen as the top pick is because of its amazing storage and sheer comfort that many of you might not really expect from this kind of motorcycle backpack. It is also rainproof, almost waterproof so there is no need for you to worry even if the rain suddenly pours down while riding. This motorcycle backpack also sets itself apart from the rest with its quality hip belt that you can easily remove to prevent scratching. With a lifetime limited warranty, you will never go wrong when you choose the Ogio No Drag Mach 5 Backpack.

Ogio No Drag Mach 5 Backpack

Excellent quality, high durability, sleek design, affordable price – Ogio No Drag Mach 5 has it everything to make it the best motorcycle backpack currently available on the market.




2. Runner-up – Ogio No Drag Mach 3 Backpack

In case our main pick is out of your league, there is no need to worry Ogio Mach 3because another motorcycle backpack from the same brand might just be the right one for you. The . is the perfect runner up next to its brother that also has the same aerodynamic molded exterior design that offers a great air flow, which means that no dragging while be experienced while you ride. Since they came from the same brand, you can pretty much expect for almost the same features as our top pick, which means that you will be getting the same quality with this motorcycle backpack just as how you can expect from the Ogio No Drag Mach 5 Backpack. With the cool combination of comfort and style, you can look forward for an amazing riding experience when using the Ogio No Drag Mach 3 Backpack.

The exterior of this motorcycle backpack has been made from one shot molded shell that is almost waterproof. This is semi rigid and with its cool look, it ends up as distinctive instead of distracting or ugly. This also means that the motorcycle backpack can keep its original shape even under wind pressure, which pretty much explains the point of its design. Mach 3 opens up from the inner part or the part which touches your back. It will then reveal a spacious interior that is lined with a high visibility fabric of red color. The rear panel can swivel forward but not completely all the way, preventing the objects that you have stashed in its pockets from falling out. There are tons of compartments that you can find in this bag that serves the purpose of holding most of your things, from pens up to your laptop and other personal electronics or anything that you want to carry for that matter. It has compartments that have holding straps, unzippered compartments as well as zippered compartments. Another interesting feature to note is the two foam pads at the exterior of its opening panel that creates an air gap for increasing ventilation. This is really a nice touch and to complete it all, there is a hydration hole that can it make very simple for you to route a straw from a container that you keep on the inside straight to your mouth. If you love riding under the hot summer sun, this capability is something that you will surely appreciate.

Ogio No Drag Mach 3 Backpack

Comfortable, well designed, weather resistant, equipped with laptop compartment and shoe storage – Ogio No Drag Mach 3 Backpack is a highly versatile backpack, particularly recommended for those who don’t want to compromise on the quality and demand a good value for money.




3. A decent choice – Icon 3517-0282 Black Squad 3

Now, if you are not really after deluxe features like a hydration hole and you just ICON 3517-0282 BLACK SQUAD 3want something that has high functionality, our next choice might be exactly what you are looking for. The . is a nice motorcycle backpack that will let you pack up and roll out just in time while ensuring that you have all your necessary gear with you. Specifically engineered for day in and day out rides, this backpack comes with updated graphics, an exceptional front closure system, laptop-specific pocket, the 360-degree reflective materials and the ICON Tri-Fit Closure System. Marketed as a motorcycle backpack that is built with the rider in mind, Icon 3517-0282 Black Squad 3 Backpack is another great contender for the top spot. However, it is safe to say that this lacked some of the truly amazing features that our number one choice has got, which pretty much pushed this down to the third place.

The Icon 3517-0282 Black Squad 3 Backpack comes with an exceptional riding chest strap system complete with an air mesh on its back padding. This also has an internal pocket which can separately hold a D3O back pad. This also boasts of a custom TPU hardware and an external loading strap where you can conveniently attach your jacket or helmet. This motorcycle backpack has a 360° reflective material with a tie down system on the exterior and a remarkably durable construction of rip-stop nylon. With an easy access and removable ID holder, there is no need for you to bother too much about getting that ID right away just when you need to. With these features, you can be sure that you will really be getting a fully functional motorcycle backpack that will give you exactly what you have paid for. Its yellow and orange colorways ingenuously meet the high visibility specifications of the US Military.

However, one of the really not so good things about this backpack is despite the fact that this has been built with the water resistant fabrics, the maker still suggests that you use an aftermarket dry bag for storing your electronic devices and equipment before you put it inside the Icon 3517-0282 Black Squad 3 Backpack. For some shoppers, this may already mean a red flag. This is because it is always a more welcomed advantage if you are completely worry-free about your precious gadgets getting wet because you know that you’ve got a super waterproof backpack to keep them protected. This is one reason why Icon 3517-0282 Black Squad 3 Backpack just got its third spot.

Icon 3517-0282 Black Squad 3 Backpack

Good quality for an affordable price – this backpack is an ideal choice for those don’t want to spend a fortune on a motorcycle backpack and still require such desired features as riding chest strap system and a loading strap for a helmet




4. Value for money – Alpinestars Roving Backpack

Another good value for your money is the .. If you just want to haveALPINESTARS ROVING BACKPACK additional durability and strength, this is exactly what you need. This motorcycle backpack has a PU coated poly-fabric construction. This is also sport styled to offer a low profile aerodynamic performance during your ride. At its 18 liter capacity, it also comes with an internal sleeve where you can easily keep your laptop. There are also internal organizer pockets that can keep all your personal items more accessible. The Alpinestars Roving Backpack is basically not as high end as the first three choices but you can be sure that it will still give you a good value for your money with its performance. It also boasts of some notable features that will give you the functionality and style that you will always look for in any motorcycle backpack.

The Alpinestars Roving Backpack has a poly-fabric outer main construction that is PU coated to offer extra durability, strength and water resistance. The innovative A-Stream anatomical back panel of the Alpinestars also incorporates the air channels together with the 8mm padded 3D air mesh that promotes unparalleled comfort and ventilation while riding. Its shoulder straps are also anatomical and adjustable that feature 3D padding and mesh for additional comfort. Its chest connection system is also customizable and it comes with a waist belt adjuster that is completely removal to offer you a highly personalized and secure fit, so you will not have to worry about it moving uncomfortably while you ride. There are also built in exterior mesh pockets on the side as well as an allotted jacket and helmet carrier. Its reflective details are silicone printed and the zipper tabs are also very easy to locate, so you will not have any trouble in looking for them.

The Alpinestars Roving Backpack also has a raincover that has reflective detailing that increases the visibility of the rider. While it is easy to note that it does not have some of the deluxe features that the top pick has, this motorcycle backpack will definitely not disappoint and in fact, it might be just the perfect option for you if you are not really that particular with the add on features. This can pretty much offer you with great functionality and will be able to provide a wonderful performance that many motorcycle rides appreciate.

Alpinestars Roving Backpack

Excellent choice for those who need a good quality multi-functional backpack. Although not necessary a first class construction, this backpack is sturdy enough for the everyday casual use and occasional longer trips. However, it is the price we like the most about this model – you can hardly find anything better for less than 100 bucks.




5. Budget option – Fly Racing Adult Illuminator Freak Backpack

For those who are on a tight budget but would still like to get a good FLY RACING ADULT ILLUMINATOR FREAK BACKPACKmotorcycle backpack that will be able to meet their needs and requirements, the best choice for you is none other than the . While not as high end, deluxe and fully packed with amazing features as the other motorcycle backpacks that have been listed here, the Fly Racing Adult Illuminator Freak Backpack does not disappoint. With its own unique set of features and specifications and some noteworthy capacities, there will be no room for regret if you decide to go for this one. This is the budget choice in our list but we are confident that it will still be able to live up to the expectations of many users. There are many shoppers who are not really that particular with the high end features and if you are one of them, you might want to consider this motorcycle backpack.

The Fly Racing Adult Illuminator Freak Backpack may come at a truly budget price but it is fully functional so you can expect that this will be able to give you the service that you want from it. With the ability of increasing visibility night and day, the motorcycle backpack has more than 75-square inches of good reflective material. There is also an internal helmet storage that will let you carry your extra helmet conveniently inside the backpack. This can also accept the hydration system bladders so there is no need for you to worry about getting thirsty on those long rides because this will ensure that you will stay hydrated all the time.

If you are carrying a lot of things with you, you can be sure that there will be enough space for everything in the Fly Racing Adult Illuminator Freak Backpack as this has numerous handy storage compartments. This is also compatible with your MP3 player and with its adjustable chest and shoulder straps, you can easily customize it to exactly what is comfortable for you. This also comes with carabiner loops that can hold some of your items externally and its waist strap is also meticulously hidden so you don’t have to worry about it being seen at all. If these are not enough, its zipper pulls are also very easy to glove even if you have your glove on so there is also no need for you to worry of having to remove your glove before you can actually open your motorcycle backpack. And the last but not the least, this also has a foam padding on the back to offer you complete comfort during the whole ride.

Fly Racing Adult Illuminator Freak Backpack

One of the cheapest dedicated motorcycle backpacks on the market which still maintains the decent quality level. Don’t be fooled though – in terms of quality and durability it can’t really compete with some of its higher priced competitors. However, if everything you need is a no-thrills design, suitable for moderate everyday use – this might be the top budget choice for you.



Factors and Qualities We’ve Looked at When Reviewing the Backpacks

In this review, we have considered several factors in choosing the best motorcycle backpack. Of course, you cannot just buy any backpack just because you liked it at first glance. Here are the qualities and factors that we checked during the review of these backpacks.


1. Durability and Capacity

Choosing the most appropriate motorcycle backpack is an act of balancing. You will have to carry all of your essentials during your ride without going overboard. An oversize motorcycle backpack that contains plenty of unimportant stuff will mean an added weight for you to carry. One thing that is checked when reviewing a backpack is its size capacity wherein it should not be too bulky but can still comfortably and conveniently hold everything that you need. Together with the capacity, it also needs to be durable, which means that even if you go on a fast ride, it will remain intact and will not end torn or broken down.

2. Materials

Not all fabrics are meant to be used on backpacks, especially on motorcycle backpacks. We have also made sure that the materials used in the choices that we have listed down for you are the materials that can really live up to the needs of any motorcycle rider and can stand even the fastest rides. On top of that, the fabric also needs to offer the highest level of comfort as this is one of the most crucial things that shoppers consider before they settle for any specific product.

3. Frames

The frame of the motorcycle backpack is the one that will transfer the load weight to the wearer’s hips and maintains the shape of the pack. There are now two common kinds of frames for backpacks, the internal frame and the external frame. Many of the packs that you can find today have the internal frame that happens to be the most famous style as well. A motorcycle backpack with an internal frame can better hug your body compared to the extremal frame backpacks. This can provide you with easier movement and better balance, two things that you will definitely appreciate when riding. Even though they are less famous, the external frame packs may actually provide you with better ventilation between the pack and your bag, something that can be a welcomed advantage when the sun is shining brightly in the sky. The external frame backpacks can also be more suitable if you will carry heavier loads.

Motorcycle backpacks come with their own sets of bells and whistles. We have also checked some of the handy features that we think should be looked out for when you buy one.

4. Loading options

Most riders will need to carry several essential items with them that is why the loading option of a specific motorcycle backpack must never be forgotten. It is important that a pack will come with several convenient compartments where you can easily store not only your personal belongings but also some of the electronic gadgets and devices like your laptop, tablet or smartphone. A backpack with several loading options is definitely a better choice if you would like to ensure that you will not be leaving behind any important item while ensuring that there is a good and safe place for them inside your backpack.

5. Supports

Majority of the internal frame packs have either the rigid and vertical structures known as the frame stays or the semi rigid framesheet. There are some that have both. The frames help in maintaining the shape of the motorcycle backpack and keeps the even distribution of the loads. The framesheet is being placed within the back of the pack and is commonly made of HDPE or high-density polyethylene or another type of lightweight composite. This framesheet will help in maintaining the pack’s shape and preventing the hard objects from poking your back that can cause discomfort when riding.

6. Hydration Compatibility

Many but not all motorcycle backpacks of today are hydration compatible. In case of motorcycle riders, it is always a better choice to go for a backpack that is hydration compatible because it will give them easy access to the water or any fluid that can keep them hydrated even when on the road. It is not a secret that it can be too hot during a ride and a motorcycle backpack with hydration compatibility will definitely make it to the top of our list as this is one of the crucial considerations of riders today.

7. Attachment points

The attachment points are the areas on your motorcycle  backpack where you can easily clip, hang, or tie different gear, such as your helmet or your jacket. Carabiners or the parachute cord also serve as a perfect way for attaching your gear. While some might not see their essence at first, the attachment points can come in handy if you do not want to have any hassle in carrying your extra gear without worrying about them getting in your way during the ride.

8. Compression straps

The compression straps let you tighten down the load and keep the gear from any shifting as you ride. Usually located at the side of the backpack, these straps will free you from the hassle of having to stop every now and then just to arrange your pack of its sudden change in the location at your back.

9. Ventilated back

There are external frame backpacks that make use of the taut mesh fabric for creating an air pocket between your bag and your back. Most of the internal frame backpacks make use of the air channels at the back padding to offer breathability. Having proper ventilation during your ride is also very important that is why we have chosen the backpacks that can offer you this kind of comfort and ensure that you will not feel any difficulty during your ride.

These are some of the important qualities that we have looked into during our review of the different motorcycle backpacks that we have cited here.

What Should You Pay Attention to When Choosing Your Ideal Motorcycle Backpack

But at the end of the day, it will all still be up to you as to which motorcycle backpack should you choose. We all have our personal preferences and what we might see important might not really be that big deal for you. So, what could be the things that you have to consider so that you will be able to find the best motorcycle backpack that suits your unique needs?


1. The kind of motorbike you ride

In the same way that there are different motorbikes, there are also various types of backpacks for every motorbike. You have to be very careful when choosing a motorcycle backpack because something that is not that durable and does not have an aerodynamic capacity might not be able to go well when you ride a fast sportsbike.


2. The terrain

Are you riding a rough terrain or a smooth one? Among the common mistakes of many shoppers is that they tend to pick just any backpack without really considering their driving conditions. It is not a good idea to settle for a less than durable pack when you are driving a difficult terrain as this can compromise both you and your backpack.


3. The climate

A sunny climate all year round will require a motorcycle backpack with the best level of ventilation but if the weather in your place is more on rain than sunshine, you will surely want to get a backpack that is waterproof so as not to endanger your items inside. If the climate can be both sunny and rainy, then, you will be better off with a motorcycle backpack that has both of these features at the same time.


4. Your size and body type

Among the very first things that you have to consider when choosing your motorcycle backpack is to choose one that is the perfect for your body type. It will mean that you should measure your torso. Depending on the length of your torso, you may fit to various sizes of backpacks. Contrary to popular belief, just because you are tall does not necessarily mean that you also have longer torso compared to a shorter person. In fact, there are very few people who have a really long torso.

The pack that you will choose need to hang where the hip straps are at the ideal height that will snugly fit around your hip bone, which is technically under your waist. It is essential since the technology of carrying a pack is that you carry its weight on your hip bones that can be a strong support that will take the strain from your back. You might also like to know the measurement of your hip size. Majority of the packs come with adjustable hip straps although there are some that may not. That is why you will be better off if you know if the strap will fit to the size of your waist or not.


5. Your possessions

What are the things that you usually put inside your motorcycle backpack? Do you ride your bike to work so you will need to stash in it all your important devices like your laptop or tablet? Do you take your bike when you go out to your basketball game and a place for your shoes is a must? Would you like something where you can conveniently store your helmet and jacket? Knowing the specific things that you put in your motorcycle backpack is very important. This way, you will be able to determine as to what special compartments you should look for in a pack. You have to know that while most of these packs have their own specialized compartments, not all of them have a place for your laptop, tablet, smartphone and your shoes all at once. Some might have one or two compartments at the same time but only a very few can really accommodate everything at the same time. if you are on the go and you want to carry with you all the essential things no matter where your bike takes you, you will need a motorcycle backpack that has a good place for everything.


6. The circumstances

Do you ride your bike every day or do you only go out for a ride every now and then? If you are a daily rider, you might need to have a more durable motorcycle backpack that can keep you company for every ride that you take. If you do not really ride each day and you just do it occasionally, any motorcycle backpack will do so long as it is of a good quality.


To sum up, if you are searching for the best motorcycle backpack, the . should be your number one choice. Passing all the factors and qualities that we have looked for, this backpack might just be the right backpack that will suit all your needs. The Ogio No Drag Mach 5 Backpack is durable, has a great capacity, made from quality materials, comes with several loading options, has good frames, support, attachment points, compression straps, proper ventilation, is hydrogen compatible and to top it all, it is also cool and stylish that will definitely make you look even better the moment you step on your bike. It can also perform well in different circumstances, no matter what terrain, climate or how often you ride your bike. Perfect to be used when riding just about all types of motorbikes, the Ogio No Drag Mach 5 Backpack is no doubt a motorcycle backpack that you will be proud to have!

Ogio No Drag Mach 5 Backpack

Excellent quality, high durability, sleek design, affordable price – Ogio No Drag Mach 5 has it everything to make it the best motorcycle backpack currently available on the market.