Our motorcycle travel video pick – “The road story Vietnam”

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Today we’d like to share with you one of the best travel videos we’ve seen to this date. Featuring arguably one of the most popular destinations among all intrepid travelers, including the motorcycle tourists – Vietnam.

So much has been said and written about this Southeast Asian country that it is a truly daunting task to describe one’s Vietnamese travel experiences in a slightly different, more original angle. All in all the linear shape of the country is one reason – it’s not easy to escape the typical tourist trail, even on a motorcycle, since you’re almost forced to follow the same path, usually linking the two major cities – Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

However, the mountainous regions in the West and the North allow for an interesting retreat from the crowded coastal cities. While the roads are usually in worse conditions and much more demanding, this is the precise reason why the more adventurous motorcycle travelers head over to those regions. All in all the real beauty of Vietnam lies within its splendid countryside, windy roads, karst caves and the colorful ethnic minority villages.

The big cities like Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) obviously have their undisputable charms, vibrant nightlife and thousands of tasty treats satisfying even the most hardcore foodies. On the other hand – from the perspective of a motorcycle traveler, the ideal travel plan for Vietnam should primary focus on the more remote areas, with bigger agglomerations treated as the places for longer periods of rest and last but not least – summarize the great days on the road with a few crazy nights spent in the bars of Saigon.

Anyway, this is the precise reason why we love this video – it captures everything we adore most about Vietnam. And it does it in a spectacular way. The two brothers featured in the video apparently have some serious filming experience, making the whole thing look very professional and fun to watch. The shots, the colors, the sequences and the whole idea beneath this video – everything is done so well that we couldn’t help but watch it more than once. And of course – we immediately went back with our thoughts to the good days spent in Southeast Asia travelling without restrictions.

The video obviously features the significant part dedicated to motorcycles. Have a look yourself and get inspired!


Watch The road story Vietnam from Georgy Tarasov on Vimeo.